Ceremony and Rental Information- Fees, Terms, and Conditions


The Skyy Event Center (SEC) is in the heart of Chaska’s historic downtown area and provides the perfect  location for business meetings, weddings, receptions, banquets, parties, and more. The Skyy Event  Center includes a banquet facility, catering kitchen, reception hallway, dressing room, as well as  ceremony sites. 


SQUARE FOOTAGE                           SEATING CAPACITY


95’ L X 50’ W                                        BANQUET STYLE                                     THEATRE STYLE                                        

                                                              300                                                              340


EVENT BOOKING: The Skyy Event Center only books up to 12 months in advance. Reservations are  booked when a customer submits a signed facility use contract and fifty-percent (50%) of the rental fee  (unless the reservation is made within thirty (30) days of the event date; in which case the total rental  fee, sales tax, and damage deposit would be due). Contracts signed 12 months before the event date are  subject to a rate increase not to exceed 5% of the contracted rate. Rates are no longer subject to change  within 364 days of the event date. Please contact the Skyy Event Center office to make a reservation,  reschedule, or cancel an event, and for additional facility information.  

EVENT RENTAL PERIOD: Rental party and vendors may arrive at the SEC at the start of the chosen rental  period. The rental period must include ALL time needed by the renter (for decorating and cleanup) and  vendors (for setup and breakdown). The rental party must make arrangements, so all deliveries occur  during the allotted rental period and not interfere with the rental periods of other guests. If additional  time is needed, the renter must adjust their block to appropriately include the time they wish to enter.  Additional hours may be added, if available, and approved by the SEC manager. Events must begin and  end at times specified all guests must vacate the premises by the end of your rental period. We do not  rent past 3:00 am on Friday and Saturday or past midnight on Sunday – Thursday.  


RENTAL BALANCE: The rental party agrees to pay the remaining balance of the contract no less than 5 months before the event date. SEC reserves the right to cancel the facility use contract if the rental fee  balance and damage deposit are not paid when due, one-hundred fifty (150) days before the event date. 



DAMAGE DEPOSIT: The rental party agrees to pay the damage deposit upon booking the reservation's  day's date. The rental party agrees and acknowledges that the SEC staff may use the damage deposit  without prior approval of the rental party for any damage, loss, or expense incurred by the SEC due to  the rental party’s use. Deductions may be made for damage, excessive cleaning, or time used beyond  the contracted period. The rental party agrees to be responsible for the building, grounds, and  equipment associated with their use of the SEC. The rental party shall make no temporary or permanent  modifications to the property without the prior written consent of the SEC manager. The rental party’s 



612.426.0433                      info@skyyeventcenter.com          207 N Chestnut St. Chaska, MN 55318 


liability is not limited to the paid damage deposit and any additional cost shall be paid immediately by  the rental party. Damage deposits are deposited and will be returned, via check, following the event.  


TAX-EXEMPT STATUS: Any rental party that wishes to claim tax exemption must provide the Skyy Event  Center with a tax exemption form no less than 120 days before a scheduled event.  

EVENT CANCELLATION: Please read the schedule below to understand the percentage of the initial  rental fee deposit that will be refunded if the booking is canceled. All cancellations must be made in  writing.  

PERIOD BEFORE EVENT DATE AMOUNT OF DEPOSIT REFUNDED: 12 months 100% minus $100.00  Administrative Fee 12 months-6 months 50% or $100 Administrative Fee, whichever is greater, will be  charged 6 months-0 months 0% Event date and times are transferrable (if another date is available).  Date changes are treated as cancellations. Plan your event as accurately as possible; refunds are not  given for leaving early. 


CATERING: Outside catering is allowed to provide food services at the SEC. If you choose an outside  licensed MN caterer, it must be approved by the SEC manager and a separate written contract between  the caterer and SEC must be completed. 

BEVERAGE: All alcoholic beverages must be served via our exclusive on-site liquor caterer and will be a  $500 fee (50% due at the date of rental agreement). 

OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS: If the rental party utilizes any outside contractors for service, those contracts  are made between the rental party and vendor, not with the SEC. Contractors are subject to Event  Center Manager approval.  

FLOOR PLAN: The rental party agrees to submit the expected floor plan no less than thirty (30) days  before the event date including additional equipment requested. If the submitted floor plan does not  meet safety regulations or occupancy limits, the staff will contact the rental party before making the  necessary changes. All portions of the sidewalks, entries, doors, vestibules, halls, corridors, stairways,  passageways, and all access points to public utilities on the premises must be kept unobstructed by the  rental party. SEC staff will set up tables, chairs, and equipment as requested. If changes need to be  made, they must be made no later than 7 days in advance of the event and during normal business  hours which are Monday – Friday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  


Included in SEC rental fee: 


STACKING BANQUET  CHAIRS       300          72" (6') X 30" RECTANGULAR TABLES              15               

60” (5’) ROUNDTABLES  (SEAT 8)     40           42" HIGH-TOP COCKTAIL TABLES                     5                

CHILD HIGHCHAIRS                          3                                                                                                               

612.426.0433                         info@skyyeventcenter.com                 207 N Chestnut St. Chaska, MN 55318 


CHANGEOVERS: Any setup requiring a changeover, regardless of changeover needs, will be the  responsibility of the rental party. Additionally, any event requiring the removal of tables and/or chairs  will be the responsibility of the rental party, including those needing to be removed from the dance  floor area. 

SECURITY AND GROUP CONDUCT: Security is required for all events serving alcohol and will be arranged  by the SEC Manager. There is an additional fee of $40 per hour for security once alcohol service is  started until the end of the event. If your event date is on a recognized holiday, additional fees will  apply.  

• Courtesy and safety are mandatory. Equipment abuse, profanity, and fighting are unacceptable             behavior and may result in expulsion from the facility.  

• No illegal drugs, firearms, or weapons will be permitted on the premises.  

• The Chaska Event Center is a non-smoking facility; the use of tobacco products is prohibited                  indoors.  

• All alcoholic beverages must be served by our exclusive bartender. The SEC reserves the right to           shut down, or stop alcoholic beverage service as seen fit, to maintain the safety of others. 

• Children must be directly supervised by an adult 18 years or older. There is no running in the                   Welcome Hall. 

NOISE ORDINANCE: The City of Chaska noise ordinance is complaint-driven, and the rental party may be  asked to turn down or turn off any music not meeting the City’s requirements. Any music performed or  played outside of the building, including the patio areas, requires written approval from SEC  Management. Examples of music usually approved outside: ceremony music, string quartet, harpist,  acoustic guitar. Examples of music usually NOT approved outside: steel drums, live bands, DJs.  


EVENT SUPERVISION: SEC staff will be assigned to permitted activities and shall have complete authority  over the facility, all equipment, participants, and activities, including the authority to request changes in  activities or cessation of activities. The contracted renter must be present during the entire rental period  

and must be available to review both a pre-activity and a post-activity checklist with Skyy Events Center  staff. The only exception to this rule is when an honoree (i.e., the bride and groom) is the contracted  renter. In this case, the contracted renter must designate another attendee to review the checklists at  the time that the room set up is submitted.  


DECORATIONS & CLEAN UP: No rice (including puffed rice or biodegradable rice), birdseed, confetti,  glitter, piñatas, or other similar materials may be used inside or outside the SEC. Bubbles are only  permitted outside. No fog machines are permitted. Decorations may not be affixed to the walls, doors,  windows, window coverings, chairs, painted surfaces, or hung from the ceiling. Tape, tacks, nails,  staples, etc. are not permitted to attach your decorations. Candles are permitted if the flame is enclosed  in glass (such as votive and hurricane lamps). Candles may also be used if floating in nonflammable  liquid. Flowers or petals may be thrown during a wedding ceremony but must be cleaned up by a  member of the rental party. Decorations are permitted only in the space you have reserved. It is the responsibility of the renter to remove ALL decorations immediately after your event, tables and chairs  must be cleared of all debris. The rental facility must be returned to the condition it was provided to the  renter. Renter will be charged if SEC has to do excessive cleaning.  


WEATHER POLICY/UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES: If you have rented an on-site outdoor space for your  ceremony, the Event Center staff reserves the right to cancel the ceremony if we have severe weather  warnings, lightning, or if we feel it may cause damage to the park property. If severe weather forces you  to cancel your on-site outdoor ceremony, you may move it inside, beginning at room rental time.  Changes in room layout are the responsibility of the renter. The SEC is not responsible for electrical  interruption due to acts of God, inclement weather, or a cause of equipment and/or technical  malfunctions due to unforeseen circumstances that may result in cancellation/postponement of the  event. Skyy Event Center (SEC) reserves the right to postpone, cancel, or delay scheduled events should  circumstances occur that are beyond SEC’s control.  


LIABILITIES AND DELIVERIES: The SEC staff shall not be liable for the safety and/or security of any  property belonging to the rental party or those persons participating in the use of the property with the  rental party. The contracted renter may not schedule any deliveries outside of the rental time and all  deliveries must be signed for by the Rental Party. SEC staff is not allowed to accept or sign for any  deliveries. If a delivery is made, the SEC staff is not responsible for delivered items. Items cannot be left  in the facility after the event and must be removed before vacating the facility. Due to limited space,  storage will not be permitted.

612.426.0433                        info@skyyeventcenter.com             207 N Chestnut St. Chaska, MN 55318 


Facility Use Agreement  


________________________________________ __________________________________________

Client Name:  


_______________________________________ __________________________________________

Contact Person:                                                 Email: 


_______________________________________ _________________ _____________ ___________

Address                                                              City                           State                 Zip 


_______________________________________ ___________________________________________

Phone number                                                  2nd Phone number 


_____________________ ________________________ _______________________________________

Event Date                                 Nature of Event                    Event Signage (ex. The Johnson Wedding)



Set up notes (examples: Theater, Banquet, Classroom, U –Shape, Square, Other) You must turn in map  15 days prior to event  


6:00 am             4:00 pm            3:00 am             10hrs                    350  

Set Up Time     Start Time         End Time         Hrs of Rental       Estimated Guests



Please Indicate Caterer  

Will alcohol be served at your event: Yes______ No_____ Indicate time alcohol will be served:  Start Time: __________ End Time: ____________ Renter must use SEC designated bartender if serving  alcohol. Events that serve alcohol will be required to have security from the start of alcohol serve time  to the end of the event. The fee of $40 per hour is waived.  



Ceremony Site Request 

Will you be having an onsite ceremony Yes_______ No________ 

If you are having an offsite ceremony________________________________ ______________________ 


                                                                Please list location                             Time of ceremony 


Onsite Ceremony location request:  

Multiple picturesque outdoor ceremony sites are available in the area. Both provide beautiful ceremony  locations with stunning views. The Ballroom may be used as an indoor ceremony site or in place of your outdoor site in case of inclement weather  

Rentals include a scheduled one (1) hour rehearsal for your ceremony. Rehearsals may be scheduled  with the approval of the SEC manager. Reservations for rehearsals are booked one month before the  event date and are based on availability.  



Rental Includes the Reception Hall, Dressing Room, Kitchen, and Table & Chairs


FRIDAY – 8 AM to 1 AM (until 3 am is an additional hourly rate. See hourly rates below) 

Winter Months: November 2021 to March 2022              Summer Months: April 2021 to October 2021    

$1500                                                                                     $2000                                                                      


SATURDAY - 8 AM to 1 AM (until 3 am is an additional hourly rate. See hourly rates below) 

Winter Months: November 2021 to March 2022              Summer Months: April 2021 to October 2021    

$2000                                                                                    $3000                                                                       

SUNDAY - 8 AM to 12 AM (until 3 am is an additional hourly rate. See hourly rates below) 

Winter Months: November 2021 to March 2022              Summer Months: April 2021 to October 2021    

$1000                                                                                    $1200                                                                       





Hours                                                                                    $200                                                                       


Hours                                                                                    $400                                                                        


Hours                                                                                    $600                                                                        




If you need to add additional hours to your block time these hourly rates would apply. Hourly rates are  only available with approval from the SEC manager. Please see the block rates for initial booking fees. 

Hourly                                                                                  $50                                                                           



FRIDAY AND SATURDAY                                                              SUNDAY – THURSDAY

$250                                                                                                $250

BAR FEE                                                                                         BAR FEE 

$500                                                                                                $500


Total estimate for event, block time plus any additional hours $2000 50% down $1000 + $250 +$250 (Additional hours can be added closer to event depending on availability)                               (rental fee + damage deposit + bar fee) 

__________________________________________________________ ___________________

Responsible Payer Signature (by signing this you are responsible for all payments on this contract) Date 

__________________________________________________________ ___________________

Skyy Event Center Manager                                                                                                                       Date  


The Renter signing this agreement hereby acknowledges receipt of this Facility Use Contract and agrees  to be personally liable for any damages caused to the CEC during the period of rental stated on the  contract. If any of the above fees, terms, or conditions are not met, the Renter risks losing their full  damage deposit. The amount of the damage deposit paid hereunder is not a limit of the Rental Party’s  liability to the CEC for damage. This agreement may not be assigned or transferred.  


Damage Deposits are due 50% at the time of venue booking. Damage Deposits, when submitted, are  deposited and will be returned via Skyy Event Center check, usually within four (4) weeks following the  event. Deductions may be made for damage, excessive cleaning, or time used beyond the contracted  period.  




Fees: Facility $_______Damage Deposit: _____________ 

Bar: $____ Cleaning: N


Amount            Date Due         Paid  By             Reason             Payment  Method     Date Processed



                         Upon receipt                                                       Cashier’s  Check                                    

Total Fees: (not including damage deposit) $


Bar Fee Deposit: $250                                                                                            Full Payment Due: 

612.426.0433        info@skyyeventcenter.com         207 N Chestnut St. Chaska, MN 55318